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At Deep Detection we are passionate about helping you maintain the quality and safety of your brand and products.
In 2020 we realised that even Industry 4.0 production operations were limited in their ability to go deep on detection. To solve the issues we are building a new generation of x-ray camera with deep learning capability for continuous inspection across manufacturing and transit security.
Simultaneous detection
& characterisation
We work in real time on continuous inspection lines from high speed food production to detailed security scans
The result is our Photonai x-ray camera. Photonai fits into x-ray machines to deeply examine the inside of your product and ensure everything is in order for your clients and consumers.
deep learning
Our x-ray camera knows the position and energy of every incoming photon. That is a lot of data, so we train our AI algorithms to classify spectral profiles at the atomic level while also producing full frame images for classic computer vision analysis.
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our tech designed specifically for the production industries
Direct Photon Counting
Incorporates a fast counting algorithm for precise, real time data resolution and ultra sharp images
Up to 6 selectable bands per detector provides the x-ray equivalent of multi-layer colour images
Production Line Speeds
Capture rates comfortably support continuous inspection at 60 m/min and higher is possible
Finds low density
Tune to previously undetectable materials like low density plastics even with inhomogeneous mixes
Differentiate material types, physical paramenters, chemical signature or composition and content
Designed ground up to incorporate the latest technology and offer the highest value
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we are constantly working to solve new detection challenges
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